Privacy Policy

Welcome to my shiny new GDPR compliant privacy policy! If you’re here it means you care a lot about your data privacy and I’m here to let you know that I take the processing and handling of your data very seriously. I’m sure you’ve been bombarded with these recently so I’m going to try and keep mine as simple as possible and free from legal jargon!

Personal data I collect

When you enquire:
Your name 
Your email address – so I can reply to your enquiry!

If you choose to book with me (yay!) I will collect some of the following information:
A contact number – so I can get in touch with you if I need to on your wedding day
Your address – if you book a film package with me I deliver your final films on a memory stick to your address with some other surprises!
Addresses of where you will be getting ready on the wedding day
Names & relationships of any people involved in formal photographs – so I know who to shout over when its photo time!

How I collect & keep your personal data

If you enquire through the contact form on my website, your message arrives in my secure inbox which is protected with a ridiculously complicated password that doesn’t include my name or birthday. Any information I collect after you book is stored in folders on my computer which is also password protected, and backed up on Dropbox (you can view Dropbox’s privacy policy here).

If you choose not to go ahead and book with me (booo!) I will delete your data after a reasonable amount of time has passed. 

I will NEVER sell on your data to third parties. That’s not cool.

Right of confirmation, access, rectification and erasure

If you have any questions about the data I hold on you, do ask! It’s probably a good idea to do this at some point to ensure the data I have is accurate, and to correct and inaccuracies, particularly before your wedding day! I don’t want to be turning up on the wrong day or going to the completely wrong place! If you would like to contact me to erase your data, I’d advise doing this after your wedding, because my memory is pretty rubbish…

How I use your data

Probably how you’d expect me to, is the bottom line of this section. I will use your email address to contact you about wedding related matters prior to the wedding day, and afterwards to send you your wedding gallery! If you have booked a second shooter I may also pass on your email, number and address to them so they know where they’re going on the day and can get in touch with you if they need to. I’ll let you know before I do this. 

Use of your face-based data

The new regulations on photographs as personal data is a bit fuzzy still, but I promise I won’t be selling your face on to anyone without you knowing about it. Sometimes I really like to show off your beautiful wedding on my website, Facebook and Instagram, and occasionally I will submit my work to blogs because I’m super proud of it. I do ask everyone who books with me to opt into the use of their images in this way in my contract, and you always have the option to keep your wedding private. I’ll also contact you before submitting your images to any websites or social media. 


So yeah, that’s about it! No stress! I promise to keep up to date with the changes in legislation, and update this policy with any changes to ensure I am GDPR compliant.